The Art of Sounds

Stephen David Beck
Photo by: Yemin Oh

I’m a composer, computer music researcher, and faculty member at Louisiana State University. Among other things, I teach at the LSU School of Music in their Experimental Music & Digital Media program, I do research at the Center for Computation & Technology, and helped develop the AVATAR Initiative in Digital Media at LSU.

I’ve decided that, amid and in spite of what I do, I really need to be writing more about music, music technology, sonic art, experimentalism and aesthetics.  This will be a scratchpad for ideas, and perhaps it will lead to something (like a paper, journal article or even a book). This blog will focus on my work as a computer music composer and researcher, nothing more, hopefully nothing less. I’ll leave the personal stuff on other blogs.

Feel free to post comments here. This should be a conversation, not a series of polemics.

— Stephen David Beck

2 thoughts on “The Art of Sounds

    • I worked with Jean-Baptiste Barriere and Xavier Rodet on their FORMES with the CHANT synthesizer. Later on, I worked on building controller software on a Mac Plus using LISP. It was a truly great experience.

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