Video Etude: Brisbane Rainforest Walkabout

In July 2016, I was fortunate enough to join a sound walk exploring the Mary Cairncross Reserve, a subtropical remnant rainforest not far from Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia.  I was hoping to capture some unique Australian bird songs that could be used in a future work. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating, with a steady drizzle of rain which kept the birds rather quiet.

While I was still in the mood to explore this amazing area, I knew that any sonic material would not be too useful. Nonetheless, I recorded audio and video of the walk with my phone, hoping that at some point, I would be able to create a reflection of my experience.

This work is a short experiment in treating those video materials like I would musical materials, with repetitions, transpositions, points of imitation and transformations. Video Etude is the beginning of a larger planned work using the exploration of natural spaces and their reconstruction in the studio.

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