Back to the Blog

A lot has happened over the past three years that has kept me from writing online. There was a much needed sabbatical that helped me finish three new pieces, two papers and a couple of grant applications, followed by a two year term as Director of the LSU School of Music. And this fall, a unique opportunity came my way through the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED), one that I could not turn down.

My career at LSU has always focused on collaboration across disciplinary subjects, especially within the digital realm.  From the virtual shared lab for digital media with the School of Art (the Music & Art Digital Studio, or MADstudio), to the Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies and Research (AVATAR) Initiative, and the Cultural Computing Focus Area of CCT, I have always been advocating for interdisciplinary research and engagement across traditional academic boundaries.

In September, I was approached by ORED to take the leadership position in their creative and digital initiatives group, providing advocacy and support for interdisciplinary programs that support creativity and digital scholarship across the university. Having been the person who has argued for such an initiative from the university, I simply could not turn down this position.

Which brings me back to the blog.  In my new role as Director of Creative & Digital Initiatives, it will be critical for me to return to an online presence. While my writing will still focus on music, sound and digital media, I will also delve into ideas about digital culture, collaborative research and creativity.

I’m glad to be back. You can also find earlier writings on my personal blog A View from the Bayou: a digital life and work in Louisiana.