Top ten AMS paper titles

As an academic, I certainly understand the importance of creating interesting titles for your papers and projects. After all, I’ve been working on such projects as ICAST (a 27-channel computer controlled audio sound theatre), GRENDL (our computational grid framework for laptop orchestras), and AVATAR (the Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies and Research initiative in digital media at LSU).

Then there are the great acronyms that are part of the computer music landscape: CCRMA (pronounced Karma), the research center at Stanford, or the BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre). You want to capture people’s imagination at first glance through a combination of wit, provocation, and perhaps scandal.

Alex Ross has looked through the recent papers accepted for the upcoming American Musicological Society’s 2011 meeting, and found some “exciting” paper titles. Some are a bit more provocative than others. But I will admit, I’m intrigued by most of these.

Has Dave Letterman seen these?

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: Top ten AMS paper titles.

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