Composing Unpopular Music

Cover of Luigi Russolo's "L'arte dei rumo...

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Welcome to my new blog, The Art of Sounds. The title is a play on The Art of Noises, Luigi Russolo‘s futurist manifesto for music. While the politics of futurism had terrible consequences, the underlying spirit of revolution in how we think about music remains an important influence to anyone involved with music experimentalism, electronic/ electroacoustic/ computer music, and music technology in general.

I was once asked about how I would categorize my music. In my typically flippant response, I said something to the effect of “well, it’s not popular music, so it must be unpopular.” And based on the amount of money I earn from ASCAP royalties, my music is definitely more unpopular than popular.  In truth, I’m really less concerned about the popularity of my music as I am about making sure listeners engage the sonic worlds in which I immerse myself.  But I’ll write more about that later.

This blog will explore ideas about music, technology, the intersections of science and art, and experimentalism in the arts. I hope to keep it free of jargon (mostly) and serious in approach, while maintaining a sense of humor about it all. I have no doubt my readers (if any) will keep on track.